What is the purpose of the site?

It is your source for the Roberts, Walsh, Gonzalez theory book and supplementary materials designed for realtime writers (court reporters, deposition reporters, captioners, CART writers, or anyone else needing a realtime stenographic theory).

History of Roberts, Walsh, Gonzalez Materials

The Roberts, Walsh, Gonzalez theory textbook and supplimentary materials have been used for decades as materials for learning the language (or theory) of machine shorthand. Some of the best realtime writers in the country, including Kathy DeLorenzo, former Captionist of Vytec Corporation and Executive Director of Planet Depo, learned this theory.

  • Easy to follow text and supplementary materials.
  • Excellent learning methodology employed for skill development.
  • Abundance of practice material.

What’s New with Roberts, Walsh, Gonzalez Materials?

Something that has us all excited!!!  RWG is adding a new element to its website that is coming soon.