One of Three Who Passed the CCRR

Congratulations to Whitney Kumar, CSR, CCRR, who was one out of three who passed the California Certified Realtime Reporter (CCRR) Examination.

Whitney is a graduate of South Coast College who writes the Roberts Walsh Gonzalez theory.  Whitney surprised everyone by attending the Realtime Workshop at South Coast College last summer.  Whitney went through South Coast College in a short period of time and passed the CSR Examination on her first try.  She has been an official reporter in Los Angeles courts and now works independently as a reporter.  The CCRR is a test to see how well a stenographer can keep the record in realtime.  A stenographer not only has to be able to write accurately against a personal dictionary to translate words but also has to make a distinction between one-word or two-word choices, homonyms, and other English grammatical choices.  The test also grades off for punctuation errors.  Therefore, the text has to punctuated.  When asked why Whitney who is already a great writer was taking the Realtime Workshop, she said that she felt she needed to have dictation at 200 wpm because one tends to lose the ability to do sustained writing after working in court.  The test is given at 200 wpm.  Congratulations, Whitney.  You proved that you are  a great writer!

For more information about Whitney, visit:  Whitney.