President Jean Gonzalez of South Coast College said that she often gets asked the question:  “Is there a test that can be given to determine whether a person will make a good court reporting student?” (Please read these questions in order 1-10.)


Her latest response:  If you had asked me years ago, I would have said that it was impossible to use a test to determine a person’s probability for success in court reporting school.  After years of observing successful court reporting students and of observing others such as Tiger Woods who have achieved a high-level of success in a given field, I arrived at a common denominator.  Everyone who is successful in any endeavor including court reporting has one thing in common – a great capacity for enduring boredom! 


Tiger Woods is my idol.  Why is he great?  I believe that he is great because he undoubtedly has the greatest capacity for enduring boredom.  If you examine why he is great, his greatness lies in his ability to repeat the same set of repetitive motions over and over and over again with very little deviation.  Very little room for variety exists.  What he does over and over is to hit a little ball into a little hole.