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Kylie Evans Reaches 180 WPM in 1 Year

  Congratulations to Kylie Evans who learned the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory and reached the speed of 180 wpm in 1 year.  Kylie is an outstanding student who works hard and is motivated to become a CSR.  If you know of anyone who writes the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory who is making great progress, please contact

Michelle Graciano, CSR, Completes Program in 21 Months While Attending UCLA

Michelle Graciano learned the Roberts Walsh Gonzalez theory and completed the court reporting program at South Coast College in 21 months while concurrently working toward a B.A. degree at UCLA.  Michelle not only finished her certificate requirements but completed her AAS degree requirements with the skill achievement level of 225 wpm on the same day.   Update:  Michelle […]

UPDATE: Kaitlyn Lancaster, CSR Candidate

  Kaitlyn Lancaster not only completed the 200 wpm skill level in 14 months but qualified to take the CSR examination on her first attempt.  Congratulations, Kaitlyn.

Mallory Owen, CSR February 2010 CSR

Mallory Owen, CSR, is one of the latest CSRs who learned the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory and completed the court reporting program in fewer than 3 years and became a California CSR.  Congratulations, Mallory.

Kathy Haytak, CSR, Completed in Under 3 Years and Had a Baby

Kathy Haytak, CSR, learned the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory, had a baby, and completed the program in under three years.  She is now a deposition reporter.

February 2009 Graduates Who Graduated in Record Time

 Andrea Rinker, CSR; Candace Galvan, CSR; Kayleigh Sargeant, CSR; Tracy Brown; CSR; Jamie Matlock, CSR graduated using  the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory in fewer than 3 years and are now deposition reporters.

Kaitlyn Lancaster: Becomes a CSR at 19

Kaitlyn Lancaster, CSR   Update:  Kaitlyn Lancaster, graduate of South Coast College, learned the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory and just recently finished her speedbuilding classes in 14 months.  She qualified and sat for the June 2010 CSR Examination and passed on her first attempt.  If you know someone who has completed speedbuilidng in record time using the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory at another school, […]

Whitney Valadez, CSR, Official Court Reporter

Whitney Valadez, CSR, completed the court reporting program using the RobertsWalshGonzalez theory in two years.  She was a deposition reporter for a short time before becoming a Los Angeles Court Reporter.  She currently is reporting the McCourt divorce hearing in Los Angeles.


Candice Guerra, CSR, learned the Roberts/Walsh/Gonzalez theory, completed the court reporting program, and qualified to take the California CSR Examination in 13 months.  To our knowledge, Candice holds the record for the shortest completion time for users of this theory.  If anyone knows of someone who beats this record, please contact