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Todd Olivas, CSR, Agency Owner — Guest Blog #2

   The Secret of Court Reporting or Anything in Life is “Only One Thing” Tip #2 – Make School Your “One Thing” In the movie “City Slickers”, Billy Crystal’s character Mitch has this profound conversation with Jack Palance, a curmudgeonly old cowboy: Curly: You know what the secret of life is? Mitch: No, what? Curly: This. (holds […]

Todd Olivas, CSR, Agency Owner, Guest Blog #1

How Not to Make the Mistakes I Made as a Court Reporting Student It’s been ten years since I’ve been licensed as a CSR.  Yes, a whole decade has elapsed since my time in court reporting school. So I thought it might be appropriate to look back at some of my experiences (and mistakes) and share […]