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Doug Unger, CSR — Hired as Captioner at VITAC

Doug Unger, a recent graduate from South Coast College, passed the Certified Shorthand Reporter Examination (CSR) and has been hired by a major captioning company.  Doug distinguished himself at South Coast College for his expertise in writing the Roberts Walsh Gonzalez theory.  He is undoubtedly one of the best realtime writers that South Coast College […]

Brittany Silva, CSR — Twenty-year-old Passes the CSR Examination

Congratulations to Brittany Silva, CSR.  Brittany graduated in 2011 in three years instead of four from Northwood High School.  She enrolled immediately at South Coast College and qualified to go to the State licensing test at 19.  While awaiting test results, Brittany completed the 260 wpm skill level and passed the Certified Shorthand Reporter Examination […]

User Comments (Roberts/Walsh/Gonzalez theory)

Sometimes by accident, I find out that someone learned the Roberts/Walsh/Gonzalez theory.  After seeing Kathy DiLorenzo do a magnificant display of her writing talents at a seminar, I approached her to tell her how great she was. Before I could say anything, she had seen my name tag and said, “I write your theory.”  Years later she […]